About the club

Windsor Pickleball Club (WPC) is an organization of volunteers dedicated to providing opportunities to play Pickleball for players of all skill levels.​ We promote the sport in a safe environment and in an atmosphere of friendliness and fair play. Leaders of the organization are sometimes called upon to provide a unified message concerning Pickleball concerns and activities to the governing agencies of the Town of Windsor and to the community at large. We plan court usage, tournaments and classes with the cooperation and assistance of the Windsor Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.

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Members of the Windsor Pickleball Club and other participants understand and agree that their participation in any event or activity sponsored by the WPC may involve substantial risks and dangers to life, health, and property. WPC members assume all risks associated with these events and release and hold harmless the members, officers, agents, representatives and volunteers of the WPC from any and all liability, claims and costs of every kind, including attorney’s fees, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, that may arise out of their participation in any such event.